E-Z Red Company POWERMASTER Series Chargers Upgrade

Deposit, NY, October 20, 2014 –The E-Z Red Company has redesigned both Series Battery Charger model series:

  • KS1272P

  • KS1272PT

  • KS1272PCLP

  • KS1272PTCLP

  • KS1440PTCLP


We have redesigned the electrical system, removing the 10 Amp Fast Blow fuse and using a 10 Amp Breaker(s) system in its place.We feel this upgrade will enhance the performance of our Series Battery Chargers. Please note we have added a “-B” suffix to these upgraded chargers. Please use the below new part numbers placing new orders.  Pricing remains the same.

  • KS1272P-B

  • KS1272PT-B

  • KS1272PCLP-B

  • KS1272PTCLP-B

  • KS1440PTCLP-B

  • KS1440PTCLP-B


Feel free to contact us with questions or comments and thank you for your continued business.


1 800 522 7947

About the E-Z Red Company

Founded in 1966 in Deposit, NY, the E-Z RED Company is an official licensee of Caterpillar Inc. and a leader in lighting, hand tools and battery products. Family owned and operated, E-Z Red has developed and maintained a reputation for providing top-quality products. The company has strong relationships with retailers across the United States.